Welcome to Cornwall Christian Church

Cornwall Christian is not interested in appearances. Our desire is to simply be a real place for real people. Our goal is to provide a welcoming place where people can experience an environment of love and grace. We think that attending this church should change your life for the better.

Our Sunday worship times are designed to bring attention to God and honour Him for who He is. We choose to worship in a way that encourages our non-Christian guests to feel comfortable and open to discovering new life in Christ in a family friendly, welcoming atmosphere. You will sing and hear music that is easy to sing along with, and messages that are relevant and encouraging. Central to this worship time is the Lord’s Supper where as a community connected to Christ we remember what Jesus did for us.

We understand that life is full of challenges and struggles. We provide an atmosphere that allows you to be real about who you are. We encourage people to find a living relationship with God through Jesus Christ, and to learn how to let Him heal their hearts and change their lives. We want you to know how much you matter to God and to us – just as you are.

Through worship and authentic relationships with others, you will hear about, see and experience the love of God. This is our church, a place of grace, hope and healing where together we walk with Christ to a life that works on both sides of eternity.